Pursuing Liberty: America Through The Eyes of the Newly Free

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Pursuing Liberty is a book that reminds us of the wisdom of our Founders, and inspires us through the stories of our newest patriots.”
— Brian Sussman, KSFO, San Francisco radio host and author of Eco-Tyranny and Climategate.

America Through the Eyes of the Newly Free

WHAT IS FREEDOM WORTH? To those who have fled oppression and tyranny, it’s worth everything. These are the inspiring true life experiences of our newest patriots—all escaped their former homes at great risk, just for the chance of living a free life in America. They’ve come from Cuba, Venezuela, the former USSR, Vietnam, and other countries to make their dreams of freedom come true.

But not all dreams have happy endings. Is the American dream of opportunity, freedom, and exceptionalism turning into a nightmare? Pursuing Liberty contrasts the reality of living under oppressive regimes with America’s unique and irreplaceable legacy: freedoms that may be lost entirely if America continues its downward slide.

Is it too late to stem the rising tide of overzealous government? The answer is up to us.


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